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The Bamboo Cutter
The Princess Moonlight

“The Bamboo Cutter and The Princess Moonlight”, the 4th  publication by Cordes Press, is one of the oldest folk tales from Japan and dates from the 10th century with the first manuscript published in 1592. Those with a keen knowledge of Studio Ghibli anime films will recognise this as the 2013 film "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya". However, this new edition of the story has had the story line changed especially, the ending to take the sadness away that quite often is part of Japanese folk lore tales. 

In this new version there will be 2 hand painted images for the 40 copies of this edition along with 5 vignette illustrations and priced at £650 housed in a Japanese cloth covered solander box.

Princess leaving.JPG


There will be 2 main images and 5 vignettes in the text and a cover image all drawn and painted by Ewa Kropiewnicka.

Ewas’ passion for drawing and painting led her to study art up until foundation level and Ewa takes on many commissions ranging from large murals for schools in the UK to hostels in central America. She has her digital illustrations exhibited in small independent galleries and continues to paint landscapes, flowers and castles on canvasses with acrylics. While also creating watercolour illustrations and the occasional tattoo.

The Type and Plate

The edition will be set in 16pt Bembo with a title plate designed by Mark Askam and made by Lyme Bay Press.

The Edition

In this edition of 40 copies, there will be 2 hand painted images and 5 vignette illustrations and printed by James Freemantle at his St James Park Press.

The text is printed on Hosho 77 gsm paper with Bunkoshi White 70 gsm endpapers and covered in Gekko Hodomura 106 gsm paper with a printed image.

The edition is housed in a solander box covered with a silk brocade Kimono cloth.

The solander boxes are made, and the book bound, by Roger Grech. 

There will be 40 copies of this edition for sale at £950 complete with a solander box.


​P&P at cost


Folio, 380 x 250 mm

25, pp.

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