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Books currently in print and in preparation are described here - Updates also Instagram and Twitter. 

AVAILABLE: Ordinary editions of both Vampire Cat of Nabeshima and Lust Poem are available to purchase along with an optional slipcase. All special of both The Vampire Cat and Lust Poem have now been sold.

THE MOON MOTH by Jack Vance - Paul Binnie announced as the artist. To be published in December 2023 in time for The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair. Text in Spectrum.

COMING 2024 - The Bamboo Cutter and The Princess Moonlight is being edited and artwork commissioned and to be printed  by St James Park Press,

Vampire Cat of Nabeshima

The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima is one of the tales collected by the British  far east diplomat  Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford. It was published in 1871 as "Tales of Old Japan" and tells the story of a shape shifting Bakeneko supernatural cat who after murdering the love of the Prince of Hizen assumes her form and begins to bewitch and consume him with sickness and the low ranking but wily foot soldier, Ito Soda who solves the puzzle and overcomes the demon. 


There are two woodblocks carved by Beth S. Robinson  with 5 and 7 colours each in this new edited version.

The ordinaries have been printed on Zerkall Smooth White and covered in Suminigashi paper and the specials printed on Shin-Obonai and covered in Japanese Decorative paper, both stab bound.

Ordinaries at £220 with optional slipcase at £45 and coloured specials (all sold)  housed in a folding slip case at £440.

Only the ordinary edition remaining for sale.


The Moon Moth by Jack Vance

       The Moon Moth bindings

 Front covers of ordinaries in orange cloth and specials in dark blue leather.

Jack Vance was a prolific and highly regarded multi-award winning American sci-fi, mystery and fantasy writer working for nearly 60 years. 

The estate of Jack Vance has kindly agreed for Cordes press to publish "The Moon Moth", a short story first published in 1961 set in an alien society on the planet Sirene.

The story has our hero, Edwin Thissel, a consul newly arrived from Earth who has been ordered to stop an assassin, Haxo Angmark, and his detective work in unmasking the murderer. It combines sci-fi, a murder mystery and the intricacies of society culture formalities involving the wearing of elaborate masks that determine your status and communication through song and the playing of instruments....get it wrong and you could end up dead.

The 10 specials of this edition are all reserved whereas the 50 ordinaries at £450 with an optional slipcase at £55 are now available.

Paul Binnie is the artist for this publication.

The Moon Moth - ordianary in orange cloth and special in dark blue leather.JPG

The Bamboo Cutter and The Princess Moonlight

The Bamboo Cutter and The Princess Moonlight is one of the oldest if not oldest folk tales from Japan and dates from the 10th century with the first manuscript published in 1592. Those with a keen knowledge of Studio Ghibli anime films will recognise this as the 2013 film "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya". However, this new edition of the story has had the story line changed especially, the ending to take the sadness away that quite often is part of Japanese folk lore tales. 

In this new version there will be 2 hand painted images for the 40 copies of this edition along with 5 vignette illustrations and priced at £750.

Ewa Kropiewnicka will be the artist for this edition.

Slipcases will be available to purchase from the binder.

   Lust Poem - Simon Casimir Wilson

Alphabet books are often instructive as well as rhyming but always short, fun and usually colourful - this book is a alphabet of lust to a woman complete with a double page spread of a 3 colour woodcut from Ralph Kiggell printed on Bunkoshi Antique Japanese paper.The main text is the first use of a new face, Joshua Sans designed by Lawrence Beck and is to be printed James Freemantle at his St James Park Press on Hahnemuhle Bugra Butten 130gsm Mallow Pink paper from Purcell's. The book is bound by Roger Grech in Bamberger Kaliko orange-yellow cloth with Canson Mi-Teintes endpapers. Standard copies priced at £155 a with an optional slipcase at £45.00 are available. The 10 specials in pink quarter leather housed in a slip case are now all sold.

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