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Lust Poem now available in the special and ordinary version. 

Vampire Cat of Nabeshima being printed with pre-orders now being taken.

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Lust Poem

Simon Casimir Wilson

Alphabet books are often instructive as well as rhyming but always short, fun and usually colourful - this book is a alphabet of lust to a woman complete with a double page spread of a 3 colour woodcut from Ralph Kiggell printed on Bunkoshi Antique Japanese paper.

The main text is the first use of a new face, Johnson Sans designed by Lawrence Beck and is to be printed James Freemantle at his St James Park Press on Hahnemuhle Bugra Butten 130gsm Mallow Pink paper from Purcell's. The book is bound by Roger Grech in Bamberger Kaliko orange-yellow cloth with Canson Mi-Teintes endpapers.

Standard copies priced at £155 and 10 specials in pink quarter leather housed in a slip case are £220. 

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Vampire Cat of Nabeshima

The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima is one of the tales collected by the British  far east diplomat  Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford. It was published in 1871 as "Tales of Old Japan" and tells the story of a shape shifting Bakeneko supernatural cat who after murdering the love of the Prince of Hizen assumes her form and begins to bewitch and consume him with sickness and the low ranking but wily foot soldier, Ito Soda who solves the puzzle and overcomes the demon. 


There will be two woodblocks carved by Beth S. Robinson  with 5 and 7 colours each in this new edited version.

The ordinaries will beprinted on Zerkall Smooth White and covered in Suminigashi paper and the specials printed on Shin-Obonai and covered in Japanese Decorative paper, both stab bound.

Ordinaries at £220 with optional slipcase at £45 and coloured specials housed in a folding slip case at £420.



The Story of my Death

Lauro de Bosis was an Italian poet and anti-fascist who flew on the 3rd of October 1931 to Rome from Marseille to drop 4000,000 anti-fascist leaflets to warn the Italian people of the dangers they were facing. After circling Rome to drop the leaflets he flew towards The Tyrrhenian Sea and was never seen again. This book republishes his last letter he sent the night before he flew describing his mission and was titled "The Story of My Death". There will be a 5 colour woodblock to accompany the book.