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Forthcoming Publications

Two new publications are due in 2025, firstly Kurt Vonnegut’s 1962 short science fiction story, 2 B R O 2 B first published in the magazine If: Worlds of Science Fiction, and is a dystopian tale of population control where to be born, another must die….but what happens if your wife is expecting triplets? A dilemma Mr Wehling Jr must face – how is he going to get 3 people to die so his 3 as yet unborn children can live?

This story will be illustrated and be published in an edition of 40 copies in a slipcase.


Later, a return to the theme of Japanese Yokai with the unearthly tale of The Priest Kwairyō and the Five Nukekubi Goblins, a form of Rokuro-Kubi goblins that can detach their heads in order to attack their victim. These goblins entice lone travellers on isolated pathways to stay with them in a nearby dwelling when upon sleeping they attack and drink their victims blood often with their detached heads.

In this story our worldly wise hero is aware that all is not right and defeats the 5 Nukekubi and takes with him one of their heads which has attached itself to his clothes and the tale of his trial at the local court after being accused of being a murderer and then the fate of the severed head.

This story will be published in an edition of 40 copies with several colour woodblock prints and presented in a solander box.

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